Occupational, traffic and sports medicine

Each employee must have regular preventive health check-ups. Obtaining a health certificate before beginning work ensures the employer that the person is right for the job, and with regular check-ups employers maintain the health and vitality of employees so they approach work with motivation, fit and in a good life condition to perform their work.
At our medical centre Polje harmonije we offer:

  • Health examinations prior to beginning work
  • Periodic health check-ups
  • Other targeted preventive examinations for employees

Why choose Polje harmonije?

  • Get an appointment in 24 hours
  • Results are ready the next working day*
  • Quick treatment
  • Two easily accessible locations – Ljubljana and Novo mesto
  • Digitalized business

*Except medical indications that demand further tests.

A holistic approach within a short period of time

We offer comprehensive treatment to your employees – all the examinations they need for a reliable expert health certificate /link to the list of tests/. Our quick response to your needs is an important advantage. You will get an appointment within 24 hours, the results of the examination and the employee’s capacity report are available the next day, unless there are medical indications demanding further tests.


Preventive examinations

Motivated employees achieve the best results. However, only healthy individuals who feel good in their body and their environment can be motivated and productive. Therefore, we advise that you provide regular preventive check-ups for senior and managerial employees who are key to the company’s operations. At Polje harmonije, we offer two packages of the most wanted and recommended examinations – on the basic and upper levels.


Why book a preventive examination?

  • Ensure your managers’ well-being
  • Confirmation of the individual’s health status
  • Early detection of possible diseases
  • Help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Health consultations

Maintaining employee satisfaction is important for successful business. Find the best solutions with Polje harmonije’s experts:

  • Annual consultation for companies
  • Analysis of jobs and risk assessment
  • Workshops about preventive care and the promotion of health at the workplace
  • Annual reports about employees’ health examinations
  • Expert consultations